Benefits of Video Marketing – 3 Unexpected Reasons to Market with Videos

If you are thinking about adding interactive videos to your marketing strategy, bravo! You have made the right decision. The use of videos as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Beyond the obvious benefits of video marketing, like the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of video, easy delivery of your marketing message, increased customer retention, etc., nothing can boost a customer’s awareness and recall more effectively than a well-produced video. But, did you realize that there are additional tangible benefits your business can experience in addition to mere customer awareness?

The Benefits of Video Marketing and Three Unexpected Reasons to Market Your Business with Videos


These days, social media is critical to nearly every business. The key to getting your brand name out there is to continually attract new followers, and the best way you can do that is by offering them something creative and unique. One of the unexpected benefits of video marketing is video’s ability to attract the attention of a broad and diverse audience. However, in order to do so, your video must receive an adequate amount of social shares.

Social shares and engagement are a key ingredient in the overall process of getting your videos to rank higher in search engines like YouTube and Google.

Videos, unlike static messages, are always a better choice when it comes to earning social shares. They are more lively, engaging and memorable than merely reading words. To help ensure your video gets shared multiple times, you must create a video that the audience actually wants to watch.

One of the fastest ways of receiving social shares is by using humor. Humor is a universal emotion that not only helps break the ice with your viewers, but it can instantly relax them and increase their reception of your message. Additionally, humorous videos make the audience feel that they haven’t wasted their time because, if nothing else, it made them laugh. If you have taken the time to create a solid video, it will be shared, and you will enjoy more attention and conversions because of it.


Let’s be honest, you maintain your website with one goal in mind – to convert a visitor into a customer. Therefore, the majority of the content on your website probably ends with a call to action. While a call to action is an extremely efficient way of converting new visitors, you can substantially increase your conversion rate by using a video on your landing page rather than written text. A colorful, entertaining video is more persuasive since it is a passive engagement medium, which means a new visitor is able to get your message without having to put too much effort into it. For maximum impact, configure the video to begin playing as soon as your visitors land on your page. Think about it! Would you rather spend two or three minutes watching an entertaining video or have to slog through 15-20 minutes reading a static text to get the same message? I think you will agree that using a video on your landing page is a much stronger call to action than traditional text.


Whenever visitors stumble upon a website, one of the first things they try to figure out is what your business is all about. You can write a thousand words that they can sit and read on your About Us page. However, using a video on your homepage is a much friendlier and more engaging way of introducing yourself to your viewers. At the end of the day, the fast-paced world in which we live today means that there is just no time to stop and read a long description about a company to which they may have no connection.

One of the many benefits of video marketing is the ability to quickly and creatively deliver your message while your audience is still paying attention. A smart, informative and even cheeky video can be just the thing you need to market your business to an increasingly impatient crowd.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why the use of videos is taking the marketing industry by storm. These days, videos are much more than just an entertaining way to spend a few minutes. If you follow the following proven principles of advertising, the benefits of video marketing are tangible, immediate and measurable…

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