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Local SEO and Why It’s Important to Your Tourist Attraction, Tour or Tourism-Based Business

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Make Changes One Month at a Time

One Small Change Every Month = A Whole New You!

We should view the changes in our lives as a positive force.…
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The Technology Behind "Deepfakes": How Video's Most Controversial New Trend Works

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3 Signs That Your Small Business Needs Help

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Drone Business Ideas - Aerial Surveys, Environmental Regulation and Conservation

Drone Business Ideas: Surveying, Conservation & Environmental Regulation

So you have a drone – what are you going to do with it? Fly it aimlessly around your yard? Spy on your neighbors? Use it to drive your dog crazy? Drone owners have the potential to hop onto the tech bandwagon (and a deep well of drone business ideas that are taking off daily) to put their new gadget to use in an even better way: making money.
How To Market a Private Investigation Agency

How to Market Your Private Investigation Agency to Insurance Companies

One of the most popular questions I am often asked by other private investigators is "How do I Market my Investigation Agency to Insurance Companies?" My answer is that your marketing approach will depend upon whom you are targeting but here is my secret sauce...
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What is Social Capital? How Online Influence Leads To Real Wealth

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Digital Piracy

YouTube's SmarterEveryDay Takes On Facebook: 6 Tips for Fighting Digital Piracy

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FAA Logo and UAV Drones

FAA Green-lights Commercial UAV Drone Use for 6 Hollywood Film Production Companies

On September 25, 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)…
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Back in Startup Mode. Time For A New Direction.

Don't let them fool you, semi-retirement isn't all that it is…

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Practical Application of Remote UAV Drones in Private Investigation

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Facebook Knows Where You Are

Serious Facebook Privacy Concerns with Smartphone GPS Location Capabilities

Concerned about Facebook privacy? You should be, especially if you are using the iPhone or Android smartphone apps and allow your phone’s GPS to broadcast your location when tagging pictures or sending instant messages. Here's why...